Take a look and find out why you should select our kennel for your dog’s holidays and training.

Once you compare us to other services, you will realize that we are a dog hotel and paradise, not just a dog kennel.

'' We DO NOT use chains or cages at our dog kennel / hotel ''

Why Us?

The difference is in our mentality


We pride ourselves on being different. Upon arrival in our dog hotel/kennel,
you will not see cages, chains, or an environment that replicates a prison cell.

What you will notice in our dog pension is sprawling 3 acres green land, 3 swimming pools,
and luxurious doghouses equipped with beds, couches, windows, and even heating during cold winter months.

The personal spaces of the dogs are huge, ranging from 50 to 200 square meters.
However, despite the large amounts of space, your dog will be supervised, cared for,
and monitored to ensure a safe and comforting experience.


In addition to our set up, we also take a different approach in regards
to interactions between your beloved pets.
Your four legged friend will not be isolated and contained.
We believe monitored and conscientious socialization is key
to providing an enjoyable “vacation” for your dog, the games never end.

During their boarding in, they will play games, swim, and run around in the common area.
However, the games do not stop once your pet returns to their personal space.
Your dog will share a personal space with another dog whom he or she gets along well with, essentially a best friend.
With a large personal space and play mate, the fun never stops!

At our dog hotel, you can feel confident that your dog will never feel lonely, bored, or melancholic in our pet hotel.

Antisocial dogs

We realize that socialization may not be for all pets.
If, whether by choice or circumstance, your dog is unable to play with others, he or she can reside alone.

However, it’s important to us that your dog still have a wonderful experience and never feel isolated or abandoned.
Your pet will still have the large private garden, a nice house to stay, and most importantly: lots of personal touch.
Your dog will receive company from our amiable staff.


So, why us? We offer an enjoyable and pleasant experience for your pet, enabling you to feel comfortable while you are away.
There are a variety of other kennels, many of which offer cheaper prices,
but none are willing or able to offer the hospitality and services we provide in our dog hotel.
What is all comes down to is
we love dogs!

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